Weekly Sex, Happier Life?

Many might think that the more sexual activity they have, the greater their level of happiness. It is true that an erotic-affective bond can promote happiness; however, this does not mean that happiness will increase if the amount of sexual intercourse that a couple has each week increases.

The average adult has sex once a week, which is about 52 times a year. According to some studies and the opinion of several experts, couples who have sex at least once a week are much happier than the rest. Therefore, once a week seems to be the ideal frequency, although everything depends on each couple and also on age. People between 40 and 50 usually have sex once a week, while young people under 30 usually do it twice a week.

Sexual happiness is not about frequency, it is about the pleasure that the couple feels each time they have sex. So, couples should not become obsessed with frequency. The important thing is that both feel sexually satisfied, that should be the goal.

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