The Importance of Sexual Information

Sexuality is a very important issue in people’s lives. For a long time, it was reduced to genitality and procreation, but sexuality is much more than that since it also encompasses identities, gender roles, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy, and sexual-affective orientation.

Lack of information and misinformation about sex are very damaging because they promote prejudices and mistaken beliefs that have a very negative impact on the sexual life of those who have only received these contents

Among other things, proper sexual information consists of guiding, clarifying concepts, and helping to broaden the knowledge on this subject so that sexual intimacy is pleasant, responsible, and healthy.

It is very important to be well informed about sexuality because this way we know what it really is and what happens if we do not take the appropriate precautions. For example, those who are well informed from a young age can prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, proper sexual information teaches us -regarding sexuality- to respect ourselves and to respect others.

It is highly recommended to look for scientific, pedagogical and entertaining information about human sexuality and exchange opinions about it with our partner, family, and friends, since it is very positive and necessary to promote a respectful and reasonable dialogue about sexuality in our environment, especially among the youngest ones, so that they have adequate information that leads them to make responsible decisions in their sexual lives.

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