The Best Barbell Exercises


When it comes to developing strength and size efficiently, barbell exercises are your best friends, and you can perform most of those exercises by using a simple barbell, a set of weights, and a workout bench. You will not only get stronger and gain lean body mass, but also you will burn fat and improve your overall physical condition and health.

This is why we recommend these great barbell exercises:

  • Deadlift: This exercise allows you to develop your overall strength and power because it trains almost every muscle in your body.Bench press: It’s excellent for working out your pecs, triceps, and shoulders.
  • Squat: This compound exercise strengthens your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, abductors, and calves.
  • Bent-Over Row: It’s a great way to develop a strong upper body, especially your traps, lats, deltoids, and biceps.
  • Overhead Press: This exercise strengthens your shoulders as well as your back muscles.
  • Standing Barbell Calf Raises: It works out the lower legs muscles, especially the calves. 
  • Barbell Front Raise: It mainly exercises the shoulders.
  • Barbell Triceps Extensions: This is one of the best exercises to work out the entire triceps muscle group.
  • Barbell Crunches: This exercise strengthens the entire abs.
  • Hang Pull: It’s a very good exercise that targets the quads, glutes, delts, biceps, abs, and traps.

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