Testosterone and Male Athletes

Testosterone is the main male hormone and it is essential for men to perform any type of sport or physical activity. This is because testosterone is responsible for providing energy, building muscle mass, regulating metabolism, among many other functions in the man’s body.

Proper functioning of the metabolism is vital, for example, to be able to control weight, keep enough energy levels throughout the day, and have a good mood. In addition, testosterone is very important to make muscle fibers grow and get stronger.

In fact, men with a hormonal deficit see how their physical abilities decrease. They suffer from muscle weakness, loss of energy and strength, and of course this reduces their sports abilities.

To maintain good testosterone levels, healthy eating is essential. The intake of good quality unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats will help in testosterone production. Having a lifestyle with the least possible stress is very important because Cortisol (stress hormone) is the main inhibitor of testosterone. Besides, it is necessary to have healthy living habits and get enough rest.

Taking supplements such as Bionic Test and Pro Test can also help keep testosterone levels balanced.

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