Sexual Satisfaction

People seek to have a healthy and happy sex life, and for this it’s necessary to achieve sexual satisfaction. But this is not always easy, as many people take too long to seek the right help for their sexual problems because they mistakenly believe that over time these problems will disappear as if by magic.

Sexual dysfunctions are some of the causes of sexual dissatisfaction, perhaps the most obvious, but there is an endless number of possible causes that are much more subtle; from aspects related to education and beliefs of all kinds –which can provoke shame, guilt, discomfort– to a simple ignorance about sexual processes and responses; in addition to the stress, work, pressure, as well as the fast pace of life that people have nowadays.

Sometimes, a change of attitude is required. You have to know that satisfaction is not a fixed state, rather it is an instant or a series of instants; whether it lasts more or less will depend on the time and effort you put into it. If you are experiencing dissatisfaction, you should ask yourself: Have I made a conscious effort to achieve a satisfying sex life?

Many mention the quality of the sexual act when they refer to being satisfied or dissatisfied. But being satisfied goes beyond achieving orgasm; it also has to do with experiencing positive feelings while having sex, wishing for the partner, and having no inhibitions. A good sexual relationship should be a process of two, with expressions of feelings, romance, and creativity. Sexual satisfaction is associated with a quality relationship; in fact, sexual dissatisfaction is often an indicator of difficulties in a relationship.

Good psychological health is also related to greater sexual satisfaction, since, for example, depression affects people’s overall life, relationship, sex and therefore satisfaction.

Better sexual education helps increase satisfaction because there are fewer myths and a more positive attitude towards sexuality, so it is lived more naturally and pleasantly.

Then, if you’re feeling sexually unsatisfied, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a specialist.

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