Sexual Hygiene

Hygiene is essential in sexual relationships since good hygiene habits can help reduce the risk of various infections and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Also, when the body is well-groomed and neat, it is much more attractive, due to its aroma, the texture of its skin, etc.

One of the main and best tips regarding sexual hygiene is to always urinate after having sex. During sex, the genital areas touch each other and this causes bacteria to pass from one to the other; some may enter the urethra, proliferate there, and end up causing a urine infection; on the other hand, if you urinate after having sex, you expel the bacteria that may have entered through this conduit.

The excretory and sexual functionality of the genitals makes it necessary to maximize hygienic measures in this area, also due to its close proximity to the anal area, especially in women. Cleaning of the vulva and penis is extremely important since these structures have many folds that favor the proliferation of microorganisms due to the ease with which secretions and urine remains can accumulate in them

The anus and rectum are full of bacteria that should not be introduced into other places, such as the vagina or mouth. Therefore, it is important not to penetrate or touch the anus first and then other places. You can leave the anus for the end or change the condom that covers the penis (or the inserted object) and wash your hands.

Thorough hand and mouth cleaning are also very important. You have to brush your teeth well and use a good mouthwash, thus eliminating bad odors and preventing infections.

It is necessary to use the condom in risky and sporadic sex. Barrier contraceptives are the only ones that can protect us from sexually transmitted diseases in such cases.

Keep your sex toys clean; most of them are intended to be introduced into the body, or to introduce parts of the body into them, and therefore can be a source of infection. Don’t share them and wash them well after use.

Pubic hair has a protective function, so it should not be completely removed; what is advisable is to remove excess hair, as this helps prevent sweat accumulation, irritations, and infections.

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