Sex and Commitment

The association between having sex and the level of commitment in a relationship is very important because the sexual desire someone feels for another person may be affected by the level of commitment.

For some, having sex can lead to a committed relationship, for others it does not. Some people simply want to enjoy sex without any commitment, which does not always mean they are running away from commitment, as these people (usually young people) may be looking to gain sexual experience.

In contrast, some only have sex if there is an explicit commitment because they are concerned that there is just a mere sexual interest and they fear being used as objects and then abandoned. Besides, some people wish to stay virgins until marriage. For these people, only marriage gives them the right to have sex.

In cases where the person is married (or in a committed relationship) and has a lover, it is a very serious situation because it is a betrayal of the commitment that is supposed to exist in a married couple or in a committed relationship.

On the contrary, a couple (married or not) with a truly mature and stable relationship harmonizes sex and commitment, has a common life project, and seeks personal fulfillment for both partners.

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