Bionic Test Rx [Capsules]

  • Hormone Production
  • Increases Muscle Mass
  • Enhances Athletic Performance
  • Reduces Muscle Cramp
  • Increase Free Testosterone
  • Increases Muscle Strength
  • Improves Recovery
  • Reduces Body Fats

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Bionic Test +Rx [Capsules]

Bionic Test +Rx is a scientifically designed anabolic formula containing all-natural ingredients that has been theorized to significantly increase anabolic hormone levels and muscular strength in trained athletes. In fact, Bionic Test +Rx is thought to be one of the only natural and completely safe methods of supplementation to significantly increase testosterone by a great amount while boosting IGF 1 levels significantly and growth hormone. Bionic Test +Rx  has also been known to increase muscle mass, strength and power and decrease body fats.


Cutting Phase: 2 Capsules per day.

Bulking Phase: 2-6 capsules through the day.

For best results, avoid junk foods, increase protein intake and exercise.

Maral Root: 

Rhaponticum carthamoides (Russian Leuzea or Maral Root) is an herb used in traditional Siberian and Russian medicine to bolster physical performance particularly after illness, in addition to being used as a general physical enhancement and male sexual enhancement aid. It is a source of molecules known as ecdysteroids which are hormones involved in the molting and maturation process in insects but have different actions when ingested by non-insect organisms. Despite being an ‘insect steroid’ of sorts, ecdysteroids have not been found to interact with estrogen or androgen receptors nor influence levels of these hormones in the body.

The major claim associated with Rhaponticum carthamoides is the enhancement of physical strength and muscle protein synthesis. The evidence to support these claims are limited to rodent evidence at this point in time and focuses mostly on the ecdysteroid known as 20-hydroxyecdysone (also known as ecdysterone). However, the limited evidence does suggest potential for oral supplementation to aid in both of these claims.


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