Exercise and Sex Life

Regular exercise is good for overall health as it reduces the risk of heart disease and prevents many health problems, but it can also improve your sex life because sexual activity is a whole-body experience that requires to keep muscles, blood vessels, and nerves functioning at top levels, which can only be achieved through exercise.

Here are some of the benefits that exercise brings to your sex life:

  • Circulatory problems often cause erectile dysfunction. Aerobic exercise stimulates blood flow throughout the body, including -of course- the genital area, thus reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction.
  • Physically active women have greater sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction than sedentary women.
  • People who exercise have a positive body image. Being active increases self-esteem and makes people feel sexier, more confident, and attractive.
  • Strength training raises testosterone levels, which can boost sex drive.
  • Every time you exercise (or have sex), your body releases endorphins, which help you reduce stress and increase your well-being.
  • Exercise improves your sexual performance because being in good shape helps you perform at your best.
  • Sex itself is an intense physical activity that requires strength and endurance. As you exercise, your strength and endurance will increase.

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