Body Types

People are born with a body type, or somatotype, mainly based on skeletal and body composition, but the different body types also reflect how a person’s physiology works, as the somatotype represents the sum of physical, dietary and lifestyle factors, also influenced by genetics.

These are the three basic body types:

Endomorph: People with this somatotype have more robust bone structures and a wider body than others. They have a slow metabolism and gain fat quickly, so they gain weight easily. Endomorphs primarily build muscle and store fat in the lower half of their bodies.

Mesomorph: The mesomorphs are athletic and strong. They have a medium bone structure with wider shoulders than the hips. They have efficient metabolism. They are not overweight or underweight. Mesomorphs have a hormonal predisposition to muscle gain.

Ectomorph: They have narrower shoulders and hips in relation to height. They have a very fast metabolism that makes them difficult to gain weight. It is difficult for them to build muscle. Ectomorphs are thin, with little body fat and little muscle mass.

However, always remember that these are only generalizations. Most people are combinations of the three basic body types mentioned above.

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