Bench Press vs. Push-Up

The Bench Press is one of the best weight training exercises for increasing upper body strength and muscle mass, and it is the main exercise for developing chest muscles. The Push-Up is a great bodyweight exercise for upper body muscle development that also helps in shoulder stabilization, body control, and coordination, which can improve your Bench Press performance.

Both Push-Ups and Bench Press target the pecs, front delts, triceps, and lats. However, when performing Bench Press, the weight moves while the upper body is stabilized on a bench, allowing you to focus on the chest muscles and push more weight. In contrast, when doing Push-Ups, the body moves and the exercise involves the entire core and not only the upper body.


According to some studies, Bench Press and Push Ups can produce similar strength gains when performed with the same load. But while it is easy to add load in Bench Press by simply adding more weight plates, adding load in Push-Ups requires performing complicated variations. Therefore, the Bench Press is better if you are looking for massive muscle gains. But if you are aiming to look well and toned, the Push-Up is a great option.

The Bench Press requires weights, a bench, and even someone to help you if you are lifting heavy. But it also allows you to see faster results. By contrast, you can perform Push-Ups almost anywhere, although you will not see results quickly.

It is possible to benefit from both Push-Ups and Bench Press by including them in the same training routine. You can do Push-Ups to warm up before performing the Bench Press, or you can do Push-Ups on some days and Bench Press on other days.

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