A Good Lover

Every man wants to be a good lover. In fact, men enjoy sex more when they see their partner aroused and satisfied. Although being a good lover does not only mean being good in bed, but also making your partner feel loved and special.

These are some of the qualities of a good lover:    

  • A good lover is attentive to his partner’s needs. He enjoys both giving pleasure and obtaining it. He makes his partner feel sexy. He is supportive, not a critic.
  • A good lover is also a good companion who does not allow boredom or monotony, so he is willing to experiment. He is imaginative, enjoyable, and capable of inventing new scenarios, situations, and fantasies to avoid the routine.
  • He keeps fit, eats healthy and does activities that stimulate his personal development, which he shares with his partner.
  • A good lover knows that the woman needs to be stimulated for a longer time than the man, so he must be a good kisser and, as women claim, he must also be good stimulating the clitoris.
  • A good lover makes his partner experience the same or a greater pleasure than him, and gives her the necessary attention so that the intimate encounter can be unforgettable.

        A good lover never forgets romanticism. A detail like a cute compliment or a flower can ignite the passion. A good lover conquers his partner every day.

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